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Date 08/06/21


Michael (Sticky) GLEW , aged 74 years who died on 24 May in hospital. Mike joined the Bath City police in November 1966, served with Somerset and Bath Constabulary until amalgamation in 1974. He retired as Inspector 867 in September 1995 and had been a member of our branch since retirement.

He leaves a widow Rosalind and children.

Date 25/05/21


Maurice OTRIDGE (590) aged 91yrs, ex Avon and Somerset PC. Maurice joined the Somerset Constabulary in November 1952. He died on 21 May at his nursing home in Wiltshire.

Maurice was well known to many in the region from his time at Devizes Regional Driving School up until his retirement in 1983.

Date 24/05/21

Coarse Fishing

2021-2 fishing season tabs are now available from Rob Gibbs EMAIL

These are for river Frome at Farleigh Hungerford and Bristol Avon at Keynsham

Date 23/05/21


David John MACALEESE, 89 years, who died on Saturday 15 May 2021 following a short illness. John retired as a constable from Bath Police Station on 10 April 1987. His wife Jean died in 2019.

Date 18/05/21

In Memoriam

PC Stephen Jones
Died 17 May 1999, aged 34

During the pursuit of a stolen vehicle on the M48 motorway near Bristol, the officer deployed a spike strip in front of the vehicle to stop it but it swerved towards him as he stood on the motorway hard shoulder and he was struck and killed.

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Roll of Honour

Date 17/05/21


Letitia Margaret SLADE, 91yrs died 1 March 2021. Widow of Les Slade who died in August 2007.

Date 11/05/21


Edith Nesta NORMAN, 93yrs died 23 April 2021. Widow of Norman Francis Egerton who died in 1979.

The funeral will take place on Thursday 13 May 2021, 12 noon at Leighland Chapel, Roadwater, Somerset.

Date 11/05/21


You may receive your 'pension review order' from Peninsula Pensions today (it's a sheet telling you how the 0.5% increase affects your pension).

Along with the review order is a 2021 bulletin. Under the section Pension payment dates for 2021/22 there is an error. What has been included is the paragraph for serving officers.

Peninsula should be sending me a corrected text later today and that will correctly refer to dates related to pensions which become payable on the 1st of the month, except when that day falls on a weekend or bank holiday in which case they are then paid in advance on the last working day of the previous month.

Date 04/05/21


David Edward MARKS, 85 years. David served with both Somerset, Somerset and Bath and on amalgamation, Avon and Somerset at Weston-super-Mare as PC616 until retirement in August 1986.

He rejoined as a Traffic Warden, and eventually became the senior Traffic Warden at Weston-super-Mare.

David leaves a widow Jean and children.

Date 01/05/21

Branch Information

Is your branch personal information up to date? Please read. I am currently engaged in going through all our members records and updating the personal information we hold about you in our database which we use to maintain your membership. In order to do this I have been sending members a copy of their information for checking and they have been responding with any errors or omissions.

I am only one third of the way through the membership and still have about 1200 records yet to do. During lockdown it is not a problem, after all, what else could I be doing?

It is apparent that many records we hold have incorrect or old email addresses due to the 'bounce messages I have been receiving back'. This is making my job a little harder.

To encourage the update of your information we are offering an incentive 'prize draw' in April (after the next newsletter which will have a data update request in it for non email users). All responses received, by email or post before the end of April will be entered into the draw for £15 of shopping gift vouchers. There will be 10 prizes on offer to the first randomly drawn 10 people who have responded. Responses I have already received have already been entered in the draw. We may be able to do the draw live online at the time so you may be able to watch it and I can just feel your excitement building. As well as the information update I am also giving members the opportunity to receive the branch newsletters by email instead of by post and it is fair to say that so far from responses this seems to be a popular option. The paper version is not going away for those that still want it.

In addition I am asking you for your old force collar/warrant number. This will help prevent future issues when dealing with members who have exactly the same names and the confusion that may on occasion follow.

If you are a member of our branch and have not yet had a data update request please email me at with your current email address. Can you include your date of birth and postcode (so I can at least confirm it is you). I will then send you an update request. This will enable me to spread the work over the next two months rather than a mad rush in April after the next newsletter.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.

Date 30/01/21