Weston-super-Mare Police Officers 1890


I wanted to flag that the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has received evidence of fraudulent messages being sent to the public informing them a new dose of the Covid-19 vaccine


People are being sent a text message claiming to be from the NHS which informs the recipient that, "we have identified that you are eligible to apply for your vaccine." The message ends with a link to a website mocked up to look like a legitimate NHS platform. The website requests personal details, including name and address and banking details.

The CTSI has said "this is the latest in a series of scams themed around the pandemic in circulation since last March. With the UK vaccine rollout underway, scammers have modified their scam to consider this new development."

I thought this may be of interest to you and your members and reminds us to remain vigilant. The CTSI said "The vaccine brings great hope for an end to the pandemic and lockdowns, but some only wish to create even further misery by defrauding others. The NHS will never ask you for banking details, passwords, or PIN numbers and these should serve as instant red flags. Do not provide any information to the scammers, but please also report suspicious messages to Action Fraud, or if in Scotland, Police Scotland, as this provides intelligence and assists authorities in combating scams."

Date 06/01/21


Steven Bouette, 68 years-of-age. Steve had suffered a stroke from which he never recovered and passed away in nursing care with COVID complications. Steve was a PC in Somerset and Bath Constabulary when he joined and in 1970s was at Taunton Traffic. He later transferred to the Metropolitan Police where he retired as a Chief Inspector.

Many NARPO members will however remember Steve who was not a member of our branch.

The funeral will take place at 1200 noon on Monday 19 January at Woolensbrook Crematorium, Hertford Road, Hoddeston, 9BS, HERTS.

Coronavirus Regulations will apply and only 8/9 persons of immediate family will be present. They will include Steve's wife Melanie and son Duncan who is a serving Metropolitan Officer. There will be a video link which I will forward when this comes to notice.

Date 03/01/21

Jim Murray - Funeral Details

At 12 md on Friday 15 January 2021.

St Francis of Assisi Church, Saxon Green, Bridgwater, TA6 4HZ.

In accordance with government guidelines, there are restricted to the amount of people we can have in the church. Therefore, to be able to give Jimmy the send-off he deserves, family and friends wishing to pay their final respects are invited to line the funeral procession route.

At approximately 11:40 the funeral procession will turn right onto Eastern Avenue and continue until making another right turn onto Westonzoyland Rd/A372. The procession will then take another right onto Parkway, making a prompt a U-turn, prior to turning left onto Moorland Rd. The procession will then make its final turn, turning left onto Saxon Rd.

It is my wish that those who want to attend, line the route starting at Saxon Rd and working back towards Parkway. Those in attendance are respectfully requested to follow government guidance with regards to social distancing.

It is our hope that we will be able to live stream the funeral service, failing this a video of the service will be released promptly after. Live stream link will be shared closer to the funeral date.

Date 02/01/21


Lee Francis PAICE, 71 years, of Worle, Weston-super-Mare who died on Saturday 17 October 2020. Lee will be remembered for his long service to the Nailsea community.

Date 29/12/20

In Memoriam

PC Jonathan Michael Stapley
Died 29 December 1984, aged 27

PC Peter Leonard Deans
Died 29 December 1984, aged 25

During a car chase their vehicle crashed and both officers were fatally injured.

Roll of Honour

Date 29/12/20


Peter CLARKE who died on Tursday 17 December. Peter was not a member of this Branch of NARPO and leaves a widow, Patsy.

Date 28/12/20


James Matthew (Jim) MURRAY, 54 years, who died on 26 December, retired in October, 2019.

He leaves a widow, Allyson, living at Bridgwater. The funeral arrangements will have to be in accordance with current coronavirus restrictions.

Date 27/12/20


Dennis FARMER, 96 years who died on Wednesday 16 December. Funeral arrangements will be in accord with current coronavirus restrictions. Dennis was not a member of this Branch of NARPO.

Date 23/12/20


Donald (Don) HUMPAGE, 88 years, who died on 9 December, had been living at Queen Camel and who retired in 1984. His next of kin is his son, Christopher. A family only funeral has already been organised.

Date 22/12/20


We regret to, belatedly, inform you of the death on 18 October 2020 of Mrs Wendy BRIGGS, widow of Arthur, who retired in 1988 and died in 2005. Her next of kin is her son, Andrew, living in Weston-super-Mare.

Date 15/12/20


David HOPKINS, 89 years, who died on 5 December, former Traffic Officer who had been living at Downend, South Gloucestershire for many years. Retired Almondsbury 1976. David was not a member of this Branch and we have no further information.

It must, of course, be presumed that the funeral arrangements will be in accordance with the current, restricted attendance, measure.

Date 11/12/20


Ken BUSH, 90 years, who died on 26 November, formerly of the Mounted Branch. Ken was not a member of this Branch of NARPO and funeral arrangements have, of course, had to be in accordance with current restrictions.

Date 09/12/20


Edward (Ted) JONES, 80 years, who died on 29 November, formerly of the Dog Section. Ted was not a member of this Branch of NARPO and funeral arrangements have, of course, had to be in accordance with current restrictions.

Date 09/12/20

Impending Change of Branch Secretary

From early in the New Year, the post of Branch Secretary will be taken up by Paul BUDD.

Your current Branch Secretary, who took on the role almost exactly twenty one years ago, feels that, as NARPO edges further down the information technology route, it is time for someone younger and with the necessary IT skills, to take the Branch forward. It is a very fortunate circumstance that Paul has agreed to fill the role. With the prospect of early changes to national NARPO technology, Paul will become the 'interim' Secretary, with the opportunity for us to formally ratify that situation when next, hopefully in March 2021, we are able to hold our next Branch Annual General Meeting.

Dave LEACH will present the January, 2021 Branch Newsletter and there will be a period through which the hand-over will take place with both involved. There will, of course, be the wider opportunity of the January Newsletter but Dave would like, at this stage, to thank everyone for their help and support over the past 21 years.

Date 08/12/20


Mrs Audrey CHAPMAN, 86 years, who died on Thursday 3 December, widow of Ralph, who died in Service in 1984. Her next of kin is her son, David, living in Clevedon - also a Branch Member.

The funeral arrangements will, as current circumstances dictate, be for family and close friends only.

Date 03/12/20