Weston-super-Mare Police Officers 1890


Phil Jones who died, after a long illness, on 18 April 2021. He was a Constable on 'A' Division and went on to become a member of the Mounted Division. Funeral in line with Govt Regulations.

Date 20/04/21

Theft of Dogs

National NARPO are asking members to consider contacting their MP in an effort to combat the theft of dogs.

I believe that many of our members will also be concerned about this growing trend, as many of our members will be dog owners.

In view of that I have attached a template letter for members to complete and send to their own local MP to try and influence the debate in Parliament and hopefully put some pressure on the Government to do more about this type of crime.

Proforma Letter

Date 20/04/21

Police and Crime Panel

The force are recruiting two Independent Members to assist the Police and Crime Panel in holding the Police and Crime Commissioner to account.


Date 19/04/21


John Reynolds (Jim) SMITH, aged 88 years who died on 16 April 2021. John retired from Avon and Sopmerset Constabulary on 31 October 1985 from Headquarters ASRO. He leaves a widow Valerie, living in North Somerset.

Date 19/04/21


William (Bill) Smith, aged 78 years who died on 12 April, after a short illness. He was a motorcyclist at Avon Street and taught many of the current members as a motor cycle instructor.

Date 12/04/21


Ray Havard aged 84 years who died on Saturday 13 March 2021 after a long illness. He was a D/Sergeant in the Bristol City Divisions for many years.

Date 12/04/21


David MAIN, aged 90 years who died on 30 March 2021. Dave was a Constable on 'C' Division for many years and later worked in Communications.

The Funeral is private and in line with Government Regulations.

Date 11/04/21

Obituary - UPDATED

Terence (Terry) REED, aged 75 years who died on 24 March 2021. Terry retired from Taunton Comms in October 1995.

He leaves a widow Sheena.

Date 05/04/21

Obituary - UPDATED

Brice Gerald (Gerry) PC 603, retired after 30 years service in the Avon And Somerset Constabulary, mainly spent at Chewton Mendip. Sadly passed away on April 3rd 2021 in hospital where he had been for a short while. He will be deeply missed by his Wife Valerie, children Andrew and Kate, Helen and Dave in laws, his Grandchildren Greg, Vicky, Laura and Sam and his 3 Great Grandsons Leo, Finley and Oscar.

Date 04/04/21


David JONES, 78 years who died on 28 March 2021. He retired as Inspector of Operational Planning. He will be remembered for all his work in connection with the Glastonbury Festival over many years.

A long time resident of Portishead, Dave was widowed as a young man, with 2 young children. His second wife, Christine, was a civilian employee in Personnel Department.

Date 03/04/21


Malcolm Taylor, 83 years who died on 24 March 2021. He was an Inspector in the Bristol Divisions and involved with SAFA the Forces Charity.

Funeral is private in line with Govt Regs.

Date 26/03/21

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 20 March 2021 3 pm

Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions we are unable to hold the meeting in person, and with no meeting held last year we intend to hold the meeting via ZOOM Conferencing at the above date and time.

To join the meeting you will need to sign in with your real name as your membership of the branch will be checked. The meeting is only open to members and invited guests.

To join the meeting by video you will need a computer equipped with 'webcam', or a 'smart device' such as a tablet or mobile phone with a camera. Whichever device you select to use requires installation of the Zoom client on it. Full details can be found here Zoom

The ZOOM software is free to install and use - you do not need to set up a paid account. Once everything has been installed you can join the meeting using the meeting ID shown below.

Meeting ID: 871 9195 3112

Alternatively, click the below link and follow the instructions:

Click Here...

You will find the required passcode in the secure area of the branch website, along with a copy of the agenda (subject to change), here:


Date 15/03/21


Nanette OSBORNE, 89yrs died on 7 March 2021 after a long illness. Nanette was the widow of Keith OSBORNE who retired as a constable from Bath Police Station on 19 April 1986 and died in 2015.

Our deepest sympathies to Tim and family at this time. Nanette was one of our members. The funeral is to take place at Haycombe on 26th March 2021, family only and COVID restrictions apply.

Date 10/03/21


I have been contacted by branch member Chris Shackleton to report the death of his wife Susan (Sue) Shackleton, 67yrs. Sue died on 8 March 2021 at Yeovil hospital.

Sue will be known to colleagues from her time as a serving officer in the late 70's and early 80's working at Lockleaze uniform, and latterly the drug squad. Our thoughts are with Chris and family at this sad time.

Date 10/03/21


Anthony (Tony) WILLIS, 87yrs died on 3 March 2021 at hospital following a long battle with dementia. Tony retired as a patrol PC, Weston-super-Mare in December 1981.

Our thoughts are with Jean and family at this difficult time. Tony was a member of our branch.

Date 10/03/21

Obituary - UPDATED

Graham (Tug) WILSON, 84yrs. Graham retired from Avon and Somerset Constabulary on 31/10/1987 with the rank of Chief Superintendent, District Commander, Weston-super-Mare.

Graham was a well respected member of NARPO and an active member of our branch committee, having organised the Oake Manor golf club get together for a number of years. Graham died in Musgrove Park hospital on 6 March 2021 following a short illness.

Graham's Wife Pat is also currently in hospital with a leg injury after taking a fall whilst visiting Graham and we wish her a swift recovery.

Date 08/03/21


Leigh (Monty) Mounter, retired PC 1753 died in December.

Monty was not a member of our branch but will be known to many across North Somerset and Bristol as a bit of a character.

Date 28/02/21

Obituary - UPDATED

Reginald James Warren, more commonly known as Jim Warren, 89 years who died on Friday 26 February 2021. He last served at Weston-s-Mare as Coroner's Officer. His next of kin are his son Philip and daughter Debbie.

Date 26/02/21

Branch Information

Is your branch personal information up to date? Please read. I am currently engaged in going through all our members records and updating the personal information we hold about you in our database which we use to maintain your membership. In order to do this I have been sending members a copy of their information for checking and they have been responding with any errors or omissions.

I am only one third of the way through the membership and still have about 1200 records yet to do. During lockdown it is not a problem, after all, what else could I be doing?

It is apparent that many records we hold have incorrect or old email addresses due to the 'bounce messages I have been receiving back'. This is making my job a little harder.

To encourage the update of your information we are offering an incentive 'prize draw' in April (after the next newsletter which will have a data update request in it for non email users). All responses received, by email or post before the end of April will be entered into the draw for £15 of shopping gift vouchers. There will be 10 prizes on offer to the first randomly drawn 10 people who have responded. Responses I have already received have already been entered in the draw. We may be able to do the draw live online at the time so you may be able to watch it and I can just feel your excitement building. As well as the information update I am also giving members the opportunity to receive the branch newsletters by email instead of by post and it is fair to say that so far from responses this seems to be a popular option. The paper version is not going away for those that still want it.

In addition I am asking you for your old force collar/warrant number. This will help prevent future issues when dealing with members who have exactly the same names and the confusion that may on occasion follow.

If you are a member of our branch and have not yet had a data update request please email me at with your current email address. Can you include your date of birth and postcode (so I can at least confirm it is you). I will then send you an update request. This will enable me to spread the work over the next two months rather than a mad rush in April after the next newsletter.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.

Date 30/01/21