Weston-super-Mare Police Officers 1890


Leigh (Monty) Mounter, retired PC 1753 died in December.

Monty was not a member of our branch but will be known to many across North Somerset and Bristol as a bit of a character.

Date 28/02/21


Reginald James Warren, more commonly known as Jim Warren, 89 years who died on Friday 26 February 2021. He last served at Weston-s-Mare as Coroner's Officer. His next of kin are his son Philip and daughter Debbie.

Funeral arrangements yet to be made.

Date 26/02/21


Agnes Leeworthy 93 years, who died on 22 February 2021. Agnes was the widow of retired constable Frederick Charles Leeworthy who retired in 1976 and died in 1991.

Date 23/02/21


Hilda Savage, 92yrs, who died on 17 February 2021. Wife of former Gloucestershire and Avon and Somerset Sergeant Ron Savage.

Date 23/02/21


Geraldine Ann Craven 86 years, who died on 18 February 2021 in Truro. Widow of Malcolm Craven who retired as a Supt at WsM in 1984 and died in 2020.

Date 23/02/21

NARPO Responds

Please see attached letter sent to HM Treasury in response to the Government decision to implement the Deferred Choice Underpin as the remedy to the discrimination caused in public sector pension schemes.


Date 22/02/21


Barry STONE, 76 years who died on 12 February after a long illness. Barry was a Detective Superintendent in Bristol and HQ.

Date 16/02/21


Andy GRAY, 78 years has died after a long illness. He was an Inspector on C Division and in the City.

Date 16/02/21


Patricia Hibberd, 88 years, who died on Friday 12 February 2021. Patricia was the widow of Robert (Bob) Hibberd who died on 30 January 2021.

Our deepest condolences to son John and the family.

Date 15/02/21


Barry John Gough, 66 years, who died on Tuesday 26 January.

Barry retired from the Constabulary's 'Southern ASU' in April 1999 after 26 years service.

The funeral is at Taunton Deane Crematorium 4pm Thursday 11 February 2021 with usual current restrictions.

Date 08/02/21


Robert (Bob) HIBBERD, 89 years, who was a member of our branch died on 30 January 2021. Bob retired from Taunton after a varied career including dog handling and traffic.

The family are putting together a book about Bob's life and his son John has kindly sent me some information and photos to include in a future newsletter.

Bob leaves a widow Patricia and family. At some point in the future, post COVID restrictions the family intend to held a celebration of life where colleagues and friends may gather.

The funeral is for family only and is to be held in Leatherhead on 2 March 2021.

Bob Hibberd

Date 08/02/21


Roger Bowden, 84 years who died on Saturday 6 February 2021. Ex PC 2567 who will be known from his service at Kingswood.

He leaves a widow Sandra.

Roger was originally Glospol.

Date 08/02/21

In Memoriam

Cadet Sharon Bury - 8 February 1980

Cadet Sharon Bury

Roll of Honour

Date 08/02/2021

Obituary - UPDATED

Paul Rockett, 66 years who died Saturday 30 January 2021. He leaves a widow, Trudi who was a police officer from 1979-1986.

Paul spent most of his service as a dog handler at Taunton before retiring in October 2001.

Date 03/02/21

Branch Information

Is your branch personal information up to date? Please read. I am currently engaged in going through all our members records and updating the personal information we hold about you in our database which we use to maintain your membership. In order to do this I have been sending members a copy of their information for checking and they have been responding with any errors or omissions.

I am only one third of the way through the membership and still have about 1200 records yet to do. During lockdown it is not a problem, after all, what else could I be doing?

It is apparent that many records we hold have incorrect or old email addresses due to the 'bounce messages I have been receiving back'. This is making my job a little harder.

To encourage the update of your information we are offering an incentive 'prize draw' in April (after the next newsletter which will have a data update request in it for non email users). All responses received, by email or post before the end of April will be entered into the draw for £15 of shopping gift vouchers. There will be 10 prizes on offer to the first randomly drawn 10 people who have responded. Responses I have already received have already been entered in the draw. We may be able to do the draw live online at the time so you may be able to watch it and I can just feel your excitement building. As well as the information update I am also giving members the opportunity to receive the branch newsletters by email instead of by post and it is fair to say that so far from responses this seems to be a popular option. The paper version is not going away for those that still want it.

In addition I am asking you for your old force collar/warrant number. This will help prevent future issues when dealing with members who have exactly the same names and the confusion that may on occasion follow.

If you are a member of our branch and have not yet had a data update request please email me at with your current email address. Can you include your date of birth and postcode (so I can at least confirm it is you). I will then send you an update request. This will enable me to spread the work over the next two months rather than a mad rush in April after the next newsletter.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.

Date 30/01/21


John Harris, retired Detective Sergeant (ex C division) died yesterday aged 75. He had been battling cancer and subsequently caught COVID and may have succumbed to either illness.

I first met John in the early 1990s when I was working on the crime management system and knew him as a real character with a great sense of humour.

After retirement he became the civilian head of HQ TSU. He will be missed greatly by his wife Jill and family and those who had the pleasure to know him. John was a member of the Bristol branch of NARPO.

Date 27/01/21


Retired Rear Admiral Philip Mathias, supported by his campaign team that includes several retired police officers, has launched a legal action against the Government regarding the NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) scandal.

Unlike Social Care which is means-tested, it is the legal responsibility of the NHS to fully fund an individual's healthcare, in any setting outside of a hospital, if they have an ongoing serious illness such as severe dementia.

The application for a Judicial Review claims that NHS England has failed in this legal duty and has unlawfully denied tens of thousands of very ill people the CHC funding to which they are entitled, often with devastating emotional and financial consequences.

Further information can be found at:

This Continuing Healthcare funding scandal will I am sure, have impacted on many NARPO members and their families, with devastating emotional and financial consequences and I would encourage you to support this campaign to make sure people are treated fairly at the time they need it most.

Date 27/01/21


David Charles HOLLEY, 77yrs died at home on the 11 January 2021. He leaves a widow Susan, living in South Gloucestershire.

David was a police cadet prior to his service and a member of Somerset and Bath Constabulary prior to the amalgamation of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

David retired in October 1990 from Bath with the rank of Inspector and was a member of our branch.

Family funeral to be held at St Marys Church, Bitton on Tuesday 2 February at 12 md. Private family funeral only in accordance with COVID regulations.

Date 22/01/21

100th Birthday

Don STENNARD is celebrating his 100th birthday next week. He served all his time in BATH, joining Bath City and retired as a Sergeant in 1976.

Now a widower living in a nursing home in Bath with his daughter nearby, Don enjoys reasonably good health, but has mobility problems - due he says to worn out knees!

The branch has sent a card on our behalf and as you can see from the picture Don is in good spirits. I will pass on any messages to the nursing home on your behalf.

Date 21/01/21